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Better Days Fic 5: Vantage Point (Prologue/2)

Better Days Series: Fic 5: Vantage Point (1/2)
Authors: X_tremeroswellian and Did_It_Once
Rated: R for language, adult content and some violence
Spoilers: Pretty AU from season two. Some spoilers for “Reconstruction.” And the other four fics in this series, obviously. And this is our sort of AU version of "Condor." Pretty different really.
Pairings: Hints of Jake/Heather, Jake/Emily, and of course, Stanley/Mimi and Eric/Mary
Disclaimer: Totally not ours. Don’t sue.

Vantage Point (Prologue)

Stanley looked out over the crowd arms folded and gun pressing comfortably against his side ready to pull out at any time. The president stood before the people of Jericho rambling on about how it was going to be a new nation. He rolled his eyes at that. If it really was going to be a new nation he'd own his farm right now. Making another scan of the crowd, his thoughts were pulled back to the present as a single shot from a gun fired. Followed by several more.

Panic rose in him as he realized that one of the bullets had gone through his window. Right where Bonnie and Mimi had been.

* * *

Hawkins felt the tension in the air. Every instinct he had was on red-alert as he scanned the crowd as the new president gave his speech about building a stronger, tougher America.

"Rob." Darcy's quiet voice made him look at her and then he followed her line of sight to a man a few feet away, pulling a gun from the back of his jeans.

Without waiting, Hawkins drew his own gun, heading straight for the man.

* * *

Eric stood in the middle of the crowd, stance tense as he listened to the words the new president had for them all.

He wasn't paying too much attention for he didn't really care what the man said about a new America. Nothing in his mind, could help the broken nation. Scanning the crowd, his eyes fell upon one man who began nodding in a rhythm.

Drawing out his pistol, he made his way over to him as the first shot sounded.

* * *

Heather gazed at him in confusion and started to respond when shots rang out. On instinct, she whirled around to search for Jake, her eyes widening in horror as she saw him fall. "Jake!" she screamed, starting to move toward the porch when there was a deafening shot right behind her....


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